Dear Guests, from 24th of March our restaurant will remain closed until further notice.

My name is Davit Turkestanishvili. I am Georgian and I love to cook! It was my longstanding dream to have a Georgian restaurant where I could share the story of my beloved Georgia through food. I wanted to tell about delicious tomatoes, of sun-ripened eggplants. To share my memories of fragrant grapes, pressed into bottles of excellent wine. Finally, my dream came true, and I have a restaurant. Its name is RUSIKO – from my mother’s name, who for many years ran this restaurant. We continue her tradition, enchanting the kitchen with the best Georgian dishes for you!


I also encourage you to visit my vintage rug emporium. I’ve gathered masterpieces from various corners of the world, including Georgia, Persia, Afghanistan and central Asia, which you can and should buy! In keeping with the spirit of the Orient, haggling is very welcome!

For wine lovers – good news! Since December 2018, you can try white and red wines that are made in my marani (wine production place) in the heart of Kakheti. My grandfather Elizbar Turkestanishvili loved his land and his vineyard. It is in his honor that we named this place “MARANI ELIZBAR 1918” (1918 is the year of birth of Elizbar’s grandfather) (more). We produce wine in the traditional Georgian way, just like my grandfather did, using the oldest method, i.e. in qvevri – clay amphoras underground. Thanks to this, the wine retains its natural aroma, color and taste, as well as valuable health properties. Our wines are gaining more and more recognition in Poland. Every year they are awarded medals at the Enoexpo Wine Competition, so it is even more worth trying them. All wines from our vineyard that you like can be bought in Poland only at the Rusiko restaurant in Warsaw (more).



Fall in love with Georgia

Georgian cuisine is an important element of Georgian tradition and culture, to which we cordially invite you! See how much heart we put into preparing our dishes so that you can feel the atmosphere and fall in love with the flavors of Georgia – just like us.